WTC will present “Leading Ladies”

Byline Richard Kleeburg

The Winters Theatre Company invites you to come and enjoy their Spring production, a delightful comedy, called Leading Ladies, beginning early in March.

You will meet Leo and Jack, two aging English actors, struggling to perform “Scenes from Shakespeare” to terribly disinterested audiences at the Moose Lodge, in a small Amish town in Pennsylvania. Their career has reached an obvious dead-end, and poor Leo and Jack see no chance of an upswing in their future.

But then they stumble upon a golden opportunity. An ailing elderly woman named Florence has placed ads in the local newspaper, desperately searching for her sister’s two adult children, so that the children, Max and Steve, can be included in a multi-million dollar estate inheritance. Florence and her sister have not seen the children for decades, and don’t even know what the now middle age adults look like!

Leo and Jack, our down-and-out and despondent heroes, suddenly see a chance to achieve the financial riches they’ve been denied throughout their less than spectacular acting career.  All they have to do is pretend to be Max and Steve, the missing adult children, and a large fortune will be theirs!

You’d think that when Leo and Jack discover that the names of the long lost children, Max and Steve, are actually just nicknames for Maxine and Stephanie, that their plan to impersonate the missing kids would be over, before it even began.

But you don’t know Leo and Jack. And you don’t know how desperate Leo and Jack are to seize this last chance at financial success.

Undaunted by the fact that the missing children are actually ladies and not men, Leo and Jack decide to don women’s clothing and embark on an amazingly brazen comedic adventure. They masquerade as Maxine and Stephanie, in a hilarious and silly attempt to convince Florence to show them the money!


And all seems to be going well, until Leo begins to have romantic feelings for Florence’s actual niece, Meg, while Jack swoons over a local girl, Audrey. Then the fun really begins!

Please join the Winters Theatre Company for this rollicking comedy production.

The Leading Ladies Opening Gala Performance will be on Friday, March 9, at 7:30pm. Additional performances will on Saturday and Sunday, March 10 and 11, and Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, March 16, 17, and 18.

The Gala performance is at 7:30pm.  All other Friday and Saturday evening performances begin at 8pm.  Sunday matinees start at 2pm.  The Saturday, March 17 performance will be a dinner theater benefit for the Winters Rotary Club.  For information about the Rotary Benefit, call (530) 795-3279 or email

Tickets for Leading Ladies are $10 general and $6 for seniors and students. Tickets for the Gala are $15.  For information and ticket reservations, call WTC at (530) 795-4014, or email



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