2020 Ten-Minute Play Festival!


January 2020 is the inaugural Winters Theatre Company 10-minute play festival!  Thanks to everyone who submitted their 10-minute scripts.  The selected plays for the festival are listed below.

Scripts Selected for Festival
  • Astronauts in Love  Nicholas Walker Herbert, Directed by Nicholas Walker Herbert (nwherbert@gmail.com)
    • Alice and Kiril are astronauts stranded in their space stations, but find each other over their radios and try to help each other get home.
    • KIRIL –male, 20s-50s – Russian (accent NOT required); ALICE –female, 20s-50s (American, any ethnicity)


  • Blue Bench  Aleks Merilo, Directed by Jim Hewlett (jimhewlett@yahoo.com)
    • Hoping to meet women, a young man sneaks backstage at the worst circus in Paris. He instead finds himself confronted by a haunted figure who will change his life forever, and learns the secrets of the BLUE BENCH
    • 1 young man, about 18; 1 man, age 30’s or above.


  • El Don Ray  Rodney Orosco, Directed by Rodney Orosco (rcorosco@sbcglobal.net)
    • Family struggles, social expectations, and the strive for an undefined better life dominate this drama.
    • Don Ray (middle-aged man); Little Ray (18+ to play around 10 years old);  Abuelo (older man 50+); La Mujer (middle-aged woman); The Devil (female, no specific age).


  • Life of Trees  Peter Snoad, Directed by Rodney Orosco (rcorosco@sbcglobal.net)
    • A man whose estranged brother is dying learns a lesson about
      love and loyalty from his tree-hugging young daughter.
    • 1 female (30’s to 40’s); 1 male (30’s to 40’s); 1 female (18+ to play young girl). Any race/ethnicity.


  • Missing the Boat, Son  Mark Smith, Directed by Mark Smith (msmith2661@comcast.net)
    • A young man applies for a job he is very much unsuited for on a ranch. The rancher is a bit of a curmudgeon and points out to the young man the folly of wasting these potentially productive years of his life.
    • Rose – Male 50’s. A rancher. A no-nonsense man who has worked hard on the land all his life; Young Man – Male 28 years old. A bit of a dreamer. Some college. Unfocused and unsure what he’s doing with his life.


  • Reservations  Kristine Mietzner, Directed by Kristine Mietzner (kristine2770@yahoo.com)
    • A streetwise cat and a rather naïve dog meet for dinner on their first date.
    • ROVER .… Male. Dog ears. Tail. Fancy wristwatch. Hawaiian
      shirt. Casual jeans. Leather collar. Dog tags on a chain; TRIXIE …. Female. Cat ears. Whiskers. Triangle nose. Tail. Formal Dress. Blingy ring. Sparkly necklace; WAITER …. Male. Black-and-white attire. Formal demeanor.


  • The Rug  Brian Spencer, Directed by Linda Glick (lhzglick@gmail.com)
    • What are mom and son really arguing about? And, what is under that rug?
    • Mother and son: 1 male (early-mid twenties); 1 female (late thirties/early forties).


  • Where’s This Train Going?  Bruce Guelden, Directed by Bruce Guelden (winters@pacbell.net)
    • This play is about a late-night encounter between a seasoned New Yorker and a tourist from Chicago aboard a NYC subway train.
    • 1 female 25 to 30 years; 2 males about 30ish.
Audition Dates December 18th and 19th
  • Audition dates are Wednesday December 18th and Thursday December 19th at the Winters Community Center at 201 Railroad Avenue in Winters.  Playwrights/directors  can use the audition dates to select the cast for their script, if they have not previously done so.
  • Each director is responsible for doing call backs and casting.
  • Rotational audition (15 minutes per play/director) so that each actor can audition for multiple plays, if desired.
Rehearsal Dates/Locations to be Arranged by Directors
  • Individual directors will be responsible for arranging space for rehearsals prior to tech week.   The individual directors are also responsible for creating a rehearsal schedule, communicating with actors, designing and developing all costumes and props, and for bringing props and costumes to tech week and shows.
  • The individual directors and/or their cast are responsible for getting things on and off the stage. NOTE: There will be a maximum of 2 minutes between each performance, so that must be considered during rehearsal.
  • No stage manager will be available through the Winters Theatre Company, however if the director wants to recruit someone, that is their own responsibility.
Tech Week  at the Winters Community Center
  • Tech week rehearsals will take place at the Winters Community Center, Monday January 20th through Thursday January 23rd from at 7:30pm.
Performance Dates and Times and Location

We’ll be performing the last weekend of January (24th -26th) the Winters Community Center at 201 Railroad Avenue in Winters:

  • Show times on Friday and Saturday January 24th and 25th at 7:30pm.
  • Show time on Sunday January 26th at 5:00pm.
  • Tickets will be $12 general and $10 seniors/children 12 and under
Marketing of Play Festival and Selected Plays

The Winters Theatre Company will promote the festival and selected plays via its website, social media, email blasts, postcards, and posters.  Individual directors and cast members are encouraged to promote the festival as well.


Questions should be directed to Jim Hewlett at jimhewlett@yahoo.com and Ana Kormos at amkormos@gmail.com .

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