2020 Ten-Minute Play Festival!

January 2020 is the inaugural Winters Theatre Company 10-minute play festival!  The featured plays for the festival are listed below.

Scripts Selected for Festival
  • Astronauts in Love  Written by Nicholas Walker Herbert, Directed by Ariella Wolfe
    • Alice and Kiril — two astronauts stranded in their space stations — find each other over the radio and work together to get home.  Originally presented as a staged reading with Bike City Theatre Company’s Salon Reading Series in July 2019, this play is dedicated to Home.
  • Blue Bench  Written by Aleks Merilo, Directed by Jim Hewlett
    • Hoping to meet women, a young man sneaks backstage at the worst circus in Paris. He instead finds himself confronted by a haunted figure who will change his life forever, and learns the secrets of the Blue Bench.
  • El Don Ray  Written and Directed by Rodney Orosco
    • Family struggles, social expectations, and the strive for an undefined better life dominate this drama.
  • Life of Trees  Written by Peter Snoad, Directed by Rodney Orosco
    • A man whose estranged brother is dying learns a lesson about
      love and loyalty from his tree-hugging young daughter.
  • Missing the Boat, Son  Written and Directed by Mark Smith
    • A young man applies for a job he is very much unsuited for on a ranch. The rancher is a bit of a curmudgeon and points out to the young man the folly of wasting these potentially productive years of his life.
  • Reservations  Written and Directed by Kristine Mietzner
    • Woof! Meow! When a rather naive dog meets a single-minded cat on a blind date, they both have reservations.
  • The Rug  Written by Brian Spencer, Directed by Linda Glick
    • A lover of opera, shunned by the world for his obsession, commits murder over a music dispute.  He calls upon his mother for help in trying to mask his despicable deed.
  • Where’s This Train Going?  Written and Directed by Bruce Guelden
    • This play is about a late-night encounter between a seasoned New Yorker and a tourist from Chicago aboard a NYC subway train.
Performance Dates and Times and Location

We’ll be performing the last weekend of January (24th -26th) the Winters Community Center at 201 Railroad Avenue in Winters:

  • Show times on Friday and Saturday January 24th and 25th at 7:30pm.
  • Show time on Sunday January 26th at 2:00pm.
  • Tickets will be $12 general and $10 seniors/children 12 and under

Questions should be directed to Jim Hewlett at jimhewlett@yahoo.com and Ana Kormos at amkormos@gmail.com .

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