2021 10-Minute Play Festival

10-Minute Podcast Production Begins Sunday June 20, 2021!

The THEME for the June 10-minute play podcast production is “Fathers and Suns,” to be released on Sunday June 20, 2021, which just happens to be Father’s Day AND the first day of Summer…for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, anyway!

The podcast consists of 8 play selections (all 10-minutes or less).  The recorded performances will be audio only and available on our website from Sunday June 20, 2021 through the end of July 2021.

Featured Scripts (In Order of Appearance in Podcast)
  • Fathers Day Monologue by Ron Rosenfeld:
    • A middle-age father completes a questionnaire about what it means to be a father today.

  • Racing the Sun by Michael Waterson:
    • A father must choose whether to keep his son safe and lose his admiration, or to risk his life and keep his idolization.

  • Floral Deliveries by Marilynn Barner Anselmi:
    • When Brandon discovers his newborn son may be disabled, he learns the depths of responsibility and love.

  • Sunny by Jodi Antenor:
    • Sunny asks her father Daniel, again, why he decided to name her Sunny. Daniel is finally ready to answer the question after avoiding it for so many years.

  • Stephanie. From the Posters by Samantha Marchant:
    • Mike and Paul are both fathers of teenage girls. Paul wants to ask Mike if his daughter, Stephanie, can stay at Mike’s house and hand out candy to trick-or-treaters with Mike’s daughter and her friends, but something is holding him back. An examination on parenthood and how scary real life can be.

  • Graduation Party by David Nice:
    • Graduation Party takes us to a family celebration in which the patriarch of the family must face all of his ex-wives in one place, at one time. He and his son look for the perfect escape.

  • Surf’s Up by Ken Levine:
    • 50-something year old Peter announces to his Millennial daughter that he has quit his job to experience an “endless summer” of surfing around the world.
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