2021 10-Minute Play Festival

Welcome to the Second Annual 10-Minute Play Festival…Podcast Style!

The second annual Winters Theatre Company (WTC) 10-minute play festival is now available in an online podcast format.  This audio recording will be available  through Sunday February 21, 2021.

We thank you for your support.  Enjoy the show!


Featured Scripts (In Order of Appearance in Podcast)

Star-Crossed Words by Laura Arwood

Summary:  Cory tries to convince Gene that the crossword can tell the future. Gene tries to convince Cory that she’s being superstitious. While those two bicker, the crossword has the last word.

Cast and Credits:


Tonight at the Stage Door by Donald Loftus

Summary:  A young actor has lost his first Broadway role as a chorus boy in WEST SIDE STORY due to the pandemic. Now homeless and desperate, he hopes to convince the night watchman at the theatre to allow him to live in the theatre’s basement.




A Dave With Destiny  by Ken Preuss

Summary:  Dave and Destiny meet on a street and struggle to discover why they recognize each other. Are they crazy, have they met before, is there a deeper connection, or perhaps all three?

Cast and Credits:

  • Dave: Robert Cunha
  • Destiny: Irene L. Pynn
  • Director: Ken Preuss


Something Holy In Croatia by Steven Haworth, www.StevenHaworth.com

Summary:  Two men in a remote location in Croatia participate in an illegal transaction regarding a stolen holy relic.
Cast and Credits:


Maude by Andra Laine Hunter

Summary:  There’s more to Maude than pleasantries and what-not, but will Thomas be able to convince her he can see the sparkle in her eye?


  • Maude: Margaret Young, Dallas, TX
  • Thomas: Charley Helfert, Lake Elmo, MN
  • Voice: Andra Laine Hunter, Dallas, TX



No Exceptions by S. Joshua Mendel

Summary:  What if the hotline worker can’t find a reason for the drug-addicted suicidal caller to stay alive?

Cast and Credits:

  • Greg, Hotline Worker: Tyler Whidden
  • Jeff, Hotline Caller: Bryant Carroll
  • Director: Molly McFadden


Off The Map  by David Miller

Summary:  On his last day of work in an intimate map conservation studio, Simon is forced to speak now or forever hold his peace about his true feelings for Alice, his work colleague.  Will he say what needs to be said? Will it do any good?


  • Simon Garfield: Titus O’Neil; Northumberland, PA, http://oneiltitus.com/
  • Alice Ashford: Kendall Baird; Philadelphia, PA
  • James Grace: Nate Stosius; Lewisburg, PA


A Day in the Life by Ron Rosenfeld, https://www.ronsplays.com/ 

10-year old Brianna captures a mayfly and plans to keep it as a summer pet.  The mayfly explains the transitory nature of life.
Cast and Credits:
  • Director: George Werther
  • Brianna: Madeena Rohaizad
  • Mayfly: Samuel Barson



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