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Hello WTC Fans!  The spirit of Theatre is alive, and we are working on great offerings for the 2022 Season.

The Spring Fling Popup Show

The ten-minute original plays included some plots with comic situations designed to bring laughter and other plots that brought a few tears.

Several plays introduced new actors and directors to our local audience, and others  welcomed back veteran performers.

The Yolo Ramblers, a group composed of area musicians, provided the musical part of the evening’s entertainment and featured selections which contributed to the theme of each individual play. 

The Yolo Ramblers:  from l to r:  Bill Cavins, Ken Kemmerling, Moreen Libet, and Frank Fox. Scott Schwerdtfeger and Cameron Toney have a meeting of the minds in  “Hamlet Investigations” by Ellen Abrams.  L to R: Bridget O’Flaherty, plays the principal, as two very different parents, Jennifer Rutherford, Janene Whitesell, get called in for a “talking” in the play “Tailwinds” by Kelly Morgan-Lallo. 

As our Season prepares to re-open, please take delight in viewing some previous productions below that are available on YouTube with click of the finger.

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