“Inherit the Wind” Auditions

We’ll be auditioning for Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee’s “Inherit the Wind” on Tuesday January 8th and Wednesday January 9th at 7pm in the Winters Community Center.  Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script.  The production will take place in March, starting on Friday March 8th and running weekends through Sunday March 24th, Friday and Saturday shows at 8pm and Sunday shows at 2pm.

Based on the 1925 Scopes “Monkey Trial,” the play delves into the teaching of evolution in public school—an act against the law in Tennessee in 1925. The play examines concepts relevant and under attack today—the right to teach science as fact and not disputable opinion and how people respond when they believe their faith is being attacked..  As the prologue to the play implies, “the play can happen at anytime and at any place.”

A list of the characters is available on the Wikipedia page.


Auditions for Winters Theatre Company productions consist of cold readings from the script. Callbacks, if needed, are held the following week, after which, the production is cast.

Auditions are held at the Winters Community Center, located at 201 Railroad Ave., Winters, CA.

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9 thoughts on “Auditions

  1. I’m interested in Auditions, but I want to make sure that the schedule works. When do you hold auditions and,if selected, when are rehearsals?

    1. HI David, looks like we didn’t get a chance to reply to you earlier. Sign up for our email list on our home page, and this will keep you in the loop on upcoming auditions/schedules. You can also contact us at with any questions.

  2. I am interested in auditioning for Inherit the Wind, but have a problem with the dates. I am the stage manager for Putnam county Spelling Bee and our tech runs when your auditions are going on. Is there a way to do a private audition? Inherit the Wind was my first show ever, back in 1997 with the Woodland opera house.

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