Big Day of Giving/Community Contributions

Big Day of Giving – Thursday May 2, 2019


The Winters Theatre Company is pleased to be a part of the Sacramento region “Big Day of Giving again this year, coming on Thursday May 2, 2019!  Schedule your donation RIGHT NOW on our GivingEdge website!

We are raising funds for  a new  Summer Performing Arts Camp in Winters for children  ages 2 to 17 .  
There is a need.  Let’s find a way…..let’s create super opportunities for super kids!  Schedule your donation RIGHT NOW on our GivingEdge website!

Frequently referred to as the “Big DoG,” this event is a major fundraiser for over 600 local non-profit organizations in the Sacramento Area.

When it comes to the “Big DoG,” we say, “Life would be ‘ruff’ without community theatre!”

We really appreciate all you do to support the performing arts right here in Winters.

Schedule your donation RIGHT NOW on our GivingEdge website!

What Value Does the Winters Theatre Company Offer to the Community?

We offer members of the community the opportunity to express their creativity, whether it’s acting on stage, designing costumes, designing and building sets, helping in the kitchen during productions, stage managing, or assisting with tickets/ushering.

We have a place for anyone and everyone who has an interest in being a part of true community theatre!

What Else Does the Winters Theatre Company Do?

We also contribute financially to multiple local non-profit organizations, including the Winters PTA, and host benefit nights for various organizations, which have included:

  • Celebration Arts
  • Citizens Who Care
  • Empower Yolo
  • Winters Fortnightly Club
  • Winters Friends of the Library
  • Winters Music Boosters

What Do My Donations Support?

Your donations support many activities, including:

  • Our ability to offer everyone an opportunity to be involved in productions at no cost!
  • New costume purchasing and maintenance of existing costumes!
  • New stage equipment!
  • Ongoing equipment maintenance!
  • Low cost ticket prices!
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