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Event/Venue Manager

The Winters Theatre Company (WTC) is calling for proposals from independent contractors who have experience managing and booking performing art events and venues.


WTC is a not-for profit community theater that has been in operation for over 40 years. WTC has produced hundreds of plays in a variety of venues, and beginning in December 2023, will have a permanent location in the historic Winters Opera House on Main Street in Winters.


WTC is seeking an energetic, experienced venue/theatre manager who can assist in venue operations, bookings, marketing, and fundraising. Proposals should be for 50% time and assume a one-year contract to start beginning 1 December 2023. For more detailed information please contact Ana at Proposals for consideration should be sent to by close of business on 1 October 2023.

Scope of Work for Winters Theatre Company Contractor

Purpose of Work:

Advise and assist the WTC Board in marketing, advertising, fundraising, and venue management and booking.

Role and Responsibilities
The contractor will maintain and strengthen existing relationships with the Winters business community, non-profits, and all performing arts related organizations in the surrounding area. The contractor will understand the Winters community values and perspectives and will have extensive experience working with booking agencies/agents, performing artists, and/or theatre companies. The contractor will have a vision and proposed plan for working in direct collaboration with the WTC Board to support the values, mission, and operational goals of the WTC.


The contractor will advise and assist the WTC Board of Directors with the following:
Social media marketing – updating, reviewing, and revising the WTC social media sites and assist in the promotion of WTC productions and events.


Website content – updating, reviewing, and revising the WTC website content.
Venue (Winters Opera House) bookings and communications – ensure seamless communication with
performing arts groups and booking contractors to ensure that all WTC expectations are met regarding venue use, contracts and agreements are updated and adhered to, payments are made on time, and that the venue calendar is regularly updated and maintained with accuracy.


Fundraising – assist the WTC in securing a minimum of $35k per year in donations. This includes the
proposal of events/campaigns whose purpose is to strengthen WTC visibility, existing donor base,
relationships in the community, and future ability to raise funds for operations.


Operational management of the venue (Winters Opera House) – ensure regular maintenance and
cleaning is performed by contracted cleaning company, ensure supplies and materials are stocked,
schedule repairs if needed and provide monthly building reports to WTC to inform of issues and concerns related to the venue.


Timeline, Deliverables and Costs
The contract will be for 12 months.
Deliverables include:
Updated monthly and annual calendar of events.
Regularly updated website and facebook page.
Booking to ensure monthly revenue equals or exceeds $2500.
Execute fundraising activities and/or donations that equal or exceed $35,000 annually.

The contractor will be responsible for submitting an invoice for each payment detailing work/deliverables completed prior to the receipt of payment. Contractor will bill $25/hr. for a maximum of 20 hours per week or 80 hours per month.
Contract total = $24,000


The contractor must be regularly available and respond to email, text or phone call within 24 hours, and must be prompt and timely in attendance of scheduled phone and meeting appointments.
The WTC points of contact for the contractor will be the Board President and Vice President. The
contractor will send reports to the WTC Building Committee.

Additional Services
The Agreement may be extended at the end of the 12-month period if both parties agree to extend the Agreement, deliverables of this contract have been met, and the needs and finances of WTC allow for an extension.

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