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10-Minute Play Festival

March 15-17 and 22-24





Submission Deadline: October 27, 2023, 5:00pm PDT

You must complete one application for every 10-minute play you submit. See requirements below.

Limit of 3 play submissions per playwright (one form per play).






Address/Phone Number


Email Address 


Name of Play


Name of Director if Different from Play Author 


Specific Run Time of Play (must be 10 minutes or less)








Cast Requirements (number, age ranges, genders, other specifications)



Costume and Prop requirements (description of costumes required, props and set requirements)






Where (city/town) will rehearsals be held

Other Considerations (please indicate if you have specific concerns, or requirements that we should know about in order to produce your play)







Summary of play (2 sentences):




By signing below, you indicate that you have read our 10-minute play festival guidelines and requirements, and that you are the original playwright of the play you are submitting for consideration.

Signature and Date



Rules and Requirements:


1. Any play submission must come directly from the original playwright/author of the play.

2. Any author who does not intend to direct the play must have someone identified as the director for the 10-minute play festival. If your play is selected and you will need assistance identifying a local director, please make a note of this in the application.


3. With the exception of Tech Weeks (there will be 2 weeks for coordination of each of the plays, sets, etc.), the director will be responsible for coordinating their own rehearsal schedules and locations.


4. Every play must be fully performed in 10-minutes or less.


5. Minimalist props are required.


6. The director is responsible for securing all props and costumes required for their play.


7. The director and/or the cast is responsible for assisting in getting all props on and off of the stage within the specified time frame.

8. You must be 18 years of age or older to submit an application for the 10-minute play festival.


9. All roles and members of the cast in the 10-minute play selections must be 18 years of age or older.


10. There is a limit of 3 play submissions per author for the 10-minute play festival.


11. Each director is responsible for doing any required call backs and casting for their play.


12. Every director and cast member must be present every day of the two tech weeks, no exceptions.


13. All directors will be asked to attend a meeting with the festival producers prior to auditions and casting.


14. Cast members will be limited to 2 shows and will be informed that they may only accept roles in a maximum of 2 shows in the festival.


15. If the selected play runs over 10 minutes, the director and producers reserve the right to edit the script to meet the 10-minute requirement.


General Information:


There is NO THEME.


There is NO FEE for the director/author to participate in the 10-minute play festival. There is NO COMPENSATION for director/author/cast member(s).


The festival will consist of 8 play selections (all 10-minutes or less) in 2 acts.


The festival performance dates are TBD.


Tech weeks will be rehearsed for from 7:00 – 10:00pm the two weeks prior to the opening performance.


We will announce the plays selected for the festival by 11/20/2023. We will email or call every applicant to notify them whether they have been selected or not.


Winters Theatre Company will post for, and will host, coordinated auditions with the directors.


Winters Theatre Company will advertise for the 10-minute play festival via their website, social media, printed media, and press releases. The website will include a short synopsis of each play.


There will be 2 minutes for set changes between each play. This should be considered by the director during rehearsals.


Plays will be selected, in part, based on their portability, overall length, transition time, and the ability of the script to tell the story without excessive reliance on props or costumes.


Please submit a PDF of the full script with the completed application to: and

The application and script must be received on or before 10/27/2023.

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