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Hello WTC Fans!  The spirit of Theatre is alive, and we are working on great offerings for the 2022 Season.

The Spring Fling Popup Show

The ten-minute original plays included some plots with comic situations designed to bring laughter and other plots that brought a few tears.

Several plays introduced new actors and directors to our local audience, and others  welcomed back veteran performers.

The Yolo Ramblers, a group composed of area musicians, provided the musical part of the evening’s entertainment and featured selections which contributed to the theme of each individual play. 

The Yolo Ramblers:  from l to r:  Bill Cavins, Ken Kemmerling, Moreen Libet, and Frank Fox. Scott Schwerdtfeger and Cameron Toney have a meeting of the minds in  “Hamlet Investigations” by Ellen Abrams.  L to R: Bridget O’Flaherty, plays the principal, as two very different parents, Jennifer Rutherford, Janene Whitesell, get called in for a “talking” in the play “Tailwinds” by Kelly Morgan-Lallo. 

As our Season prepares to re-open, please take delight in viewing some previous productions below that are available on YouTube with click of the finger.

Love is in the Air! Valentine’s Virtual Theatre Remains LIVE!

The Winters Theatre Company celebrated a virtual production to for the spirit of Valentine’s Day.

Performers enact love scenes, recite sonnets, and present songs, all having the Valentine’s theme of love throughout the ages.   The selection encompasses works of Shakespeare, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, and Irving Berlin. The link to the production is available below.   We look forward to sharing the love with you!

Our Valentine’s Day Gift to you remains LIVE!  Click here to start the show!

“In the Beginning:  A Lighthearted Look at Creation” Remains Online For Your Enjoyment

Come join Eve ( Cameron Toney) and Adam ( Cody Svozil) as they share diary entries in WTC’s video production of “In the Beginning, a Lighthearted Look at Creation”

The Winters Theatre Company presents In the Beginning:  A Lighthearted Look at Creation, inspired by  humorist Mark Twain’s short story, Eve’s Diary, written in 1905. 

Join Eve, as we imagine her as a very young woman who wakes up one morning to discover herself the first and only woman in Eden.  From her diary she shares her adventures… and misadventures…. with the other creatures  in the Garden.  Her main theme, of course, concerns her relationship with the other occupant of Eden, Adam. 


STILL SHOWING! Robin Hood: The Musical

The Winters Theatre Company is proud to present the magic and excitement of Sherwood Forest in Robin Hood: The Musical from the safety and convenience of your living space at any time, on demand!  Click the play button above to begin the romp through Sherwood Forest!   There is no admission fee for the show, but donations are always appreciated.

NOTE: The show has been extended and will be available a bit longer.  Enjoy!